norton security couponFor some time now, I have been worried about what my children access online when they are not under my direct supervision. I knew they could visit dangerous sites and wanted to prevent them from doing this. Another thing that gave me sleepless nights is a scenario where someone would install a malicious software with the aim of obtaining unauthorized information from my PC. As I was wondering if there was a solution for these two key issues, a friend suggested that I install Norton Antivirus or Security Deluxe which both have parental control features. He also suggested I used a norton coupon code to get a 20% discount. I found a few Norton promo codes online in various coupon sites and tech blogs.

parental control internetI did an extensive research online and apart from the discount coupons, I found out that Norton could help put me a step ahead of online threats with its comprehensive mix of superior technologies that would help in threat identification, outsmarting identity thefts and which helps to back up files automatically. What’s more is that it assisted my personal computer restore its horsepower to the maximum. Among the features which the internet security software offers are:

· It protects your personal computer comprehensively against social media dangers and spam.

· It helps to boost the overall performance of your computer.

· It has the power to neutralize threats and infections which other software cannot.

· It backs up important things to your local storage, so you won’t have to worry about losing your important documents.

· It helps to remember your passwords and secures them as you enter and this means that you can never lose or get them stolen.

· Norton shows all networks and devices that are connected to your home hence you can always know who is using your wireless connection.

· The antivirus is able to prevent unauthorized installations therefore making it very hard for someone else to install a malicious software on your computer.

· The installation procedure is easy, simple and straightforward.

I checked the vendor’s website and discovered that I had the privilege to enjoy advanced protection at a price of $80 per year. It’s able to protect five devices that run Windows, iOS, OSX or Android. But with an additional $10, you can enjoy a backup space of 25GB of cloud storage and additional five device licenses.

Then I plugged in an activation code on the company’s website and started downloading Norton Security. The entire process took slightly over 10 minutes and required me to restart my computer. The interface is great looking and easy to deal with. After I was done, I knew I could rest assured my kids couldn’t log into prohibited sites and nobody could install malicious software on my PC.

System Mechanic Coupon To Boost Computer’s Performance

system mechanic discount couponIt takes less than a minute to deal with software issues for a savvy guy but what about the average user? To me it can take hours to fix something and if I have to deal with software errors my productivity will drop on the floor!

Here’s the thing. I do not have the time to spend on software conflicts because my job is very demanding. I have to do research, open a lot of windows, browsers, tabs, editing software, chats, emails and the list goes on and on.

To be honest, I have upgraded my computer and got the latest processor, 32GB or RAM and SSD drives that are really fast (M.2) but still have to deal with problems because the more you load your computer with software, the more conflicts your welcoming in your world.

I’ve been working with computers since day one in college; I have learned many things about software and hardware, combinations, what works best for specific type of jobs, etc., but the most important part is to understand what keeps a computer running smoothly.

The Problem

What I have noticed lately is that some programs require more RAM and opening more than 20 tabs in a browser makes the computer run slower. This is happening also depending on your internet connection too, so everything can create speed issues, from software to hardware and your internet service provider.

The Solution

In order to keep my computer in a “sane mode”, be more productive and work efficiently, I have discovered System Mechanic, a super duper software made my Iolo, that handles your applications, RAM, the internet and disk space like your mother would handle you when you were five!

This software is so easy to use. It’s simple, automated and takes the hustle away when it comes to controlling all opened applications in your computer. It fixes errors, crashes and freezes as long as restores maximum speed, power and stability. It is all-in-one enhancement software for Windows users.

What to Be Aware of

When I am selecting a new product, I always check the reviews and for System Mechanic by Iolo, most of the reviews I have found on the web from realy users were positive. Some users are using the program since its launch and others are the same happy with it because it keeps the performance of their computers to high levels.
I have also noticed in a particular review from a guy that owns a laptop, that it handles well the registry. It checks and boosts the registry which is a huge deal for many who know that a registry checker software is mandatory, especially for Windows users.


  • Great optimization and huge difference in performance
  • Run all applications on its maximum speed
  • Advanced repair, cleaning and bug fixes
  • Stabilizes the processor, memory and disk drives
  • Wipes internet and chat history
  • Defrags and backs up the system registry
  • Speeds up internet and other utilities
  • Reclaims wasted memory in real time
  • Updates and protects Windows with latest patches
  • Protects privacy and improves security
  • Deletes permanently files and folders from your computer

System Mechanic is recommended by PC MAGAZINE, THE NEW YORK TIMES AND TECH RADAR, a few of the most known tech magazines in the world!


Iolo manufacturers two editions of the System Mechanic; the simple edition and the Pro. You can try the Pro edition for 30 days and check yourself how good is it. You may install the software at any PC that runs Windows 7 and later. You can also run the app in Windows XP but make sure to read the version that supports it. To make sure you’re making the right purchase, download the free trial first to check if it works on your computer.

Price and Discount Coupons

System Mechanic starts at $39.96 with a current offer $9.99 off. To be able to find more information about coupons and other discounts you may visit several coupon websites or search in Google for terms “coupon codes” or “promotional discounts codes “ or “seasonal coupons”. I got a 70% system mechanic pro coupon and paid as little as I could.


If you want faster startups, faster downloads, improved CPU, RAM and Graphics speed, System Mechanic is the right choice for you. It is indeed the kind of software that gives massive boost on your computer without having to spend hundreds of dollars to upgrade your hardware. Think about it!