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How to Boost your RAM Performance with Smart Tweaks

computer slow downMost computers run slower after a period of use. The fact is, most of us don’t know exactly what causes the problem. Usually, software and other applications we install periodically, tend to run in the background and pull enough memory making Windows run slower or stuck in the middle of a task.

If you want to avoid these scenarios, you need to know a few tricks that will boost your PC performance and increase your productivity.

1. Remove Unnecessary Software

Sometimes we install software that we don’t need or we install multiple applications that all do the same thing. You may identify them and keep only the ones who are useful to you. The rest can go in the trashcan!

You can add/remove programs from the control panel. When you click Programs you will see a list of all installed applications. If you don’t know an application on the list and what it does, you probably shouldn’t remove it. Make sure you know exactly which apps you’re using so you won’t make any mistakes.

2. Check Startup Programs

When Windows starts, a button near the clock on the taskbar shows all applications running in the background. Normal apps should appear on this list are the drivers of your video card, any USB or disk devices, audio software if any and antivirus/internet security.

Third-party applications may also run and that’s when you have to check which are they and how to enable/disable them from running in the background. Just type “Task Manager” at the search bar and choose the “Startup” tab. Then you will notice which applications are currently running on your system and take control of them.

3. Install a RAM Cleaner

Software applications can help hardware to run better and faster. For example, System Mechanic is an application that runs on your computer and controls all the other applications. This way ensures that your computer will have the best performance.

System Mechanic can boost the speed of the RAM and CPU, remove bloatware automatically, increase Internet speed, repair problems in registry and maintain stability on your system. On another note, you can easily find a system mechanic discount code and save up to 70%.

4. Add More Ram

Windows 8 or 10 (latest versions) need at least 4GB of main memory to run smoothly on your system but if you want to run more applications and games you will need at least 8GB of RAM.

Check online for prices but be careful! In order to find the same memory for your system, you may need to look the product details that are labeled on your current dim. Make sure you buy the same DDR (2,3 or 4) and MHz (1333-2666+) so both memories (old and new) will be compatible.


Will You Be Able to Use the Innovative Apple Pencil With iPhone7?

It will be great to use the current Apple Pencil with the soon-to-be-released iPhone 7. But if Apple fails to redesign it and make it more compatible, this may never happen.

As many iPhone users await the launch of the iPhone 7 in the United States, one question on the minds of many is: will the iPhone 7 support the Apple Pencil? From NDTV’s Vikram Chandra’s interview of Tim Cook, which took place in May, we can deduce that the Apple Pencil is a fantastic tool for the creative mind.

Apple Pencil can actually be used to draw and create beautiful graphics on the iPad. Undoubtedly, this new Bluetooth enabled stylus-like pencil, which creates an instant impression when you press it lightly on the surface of the iPad, is now one of the most versatile digital drawing and writing tools available today.

The tool was released along with the 12.9 inch iPad Pro and it turned the tablet into a virtual digital canvas. Although Apple also announced the release of iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus on the same day, both smartphones do not support Apple Pencil.

Apple’s 3D Touch

Apple released its last two iPhone versions with another pressure sensitivity technology called the 3D Touch. This technology works by detecting the deformation of the screen, unlike the Apple Pencil which combines the use of high resolution sensors and Bluetooth. The Apple Pencil is more intuitive and it can work with both angle and pressure.

It is very likely that the 3D Touch technology incorporated into the iPhone and the operating mechanism of the Apple Pencil are not really compatible. The large iPad screen does not detect pressure as accurately as the iPhone.

The Apple Pencil

Presently, the Apple Pencil is much longer than the length of the iPhone. Unlike the stylus used for the Samsung Galaxy Note tablet, the Apple Pencil is simply too large to be used conveniently with the the iPhone. In fact, the Galaxy Note stylus is designed to fit into the phone when it is not in use.

When you compare the design of the Apple Pencil and the 12.9” iPad Pro, it is quite obvious that Apple created the present Apple Pencil to work with the iPad. Both of them are almost the same length. However, it is difficult to state with certainty whether the Apple Pencil will eventually be modified to work with the iPhone.

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Is Death The Fate For Antivirus Software?

The question on the fate of antivirus software and its essence in the modern world has been a recurring one which has been recently reignited by Darren Bilby speaking at Kiwicon. One thing that remains despite everything is whether it is essential to keep working with antivirus software or do away with it all together.

Antivirus technology has been the backbone of computer security measures for as long, as can be remembered and has been quite an effective tool towards combating a large amount of network spread malware but as recent developments have proven, it is becoming all the more increasingly difficult to keep up with the ever changing dynamic of viruses on the internet and how fast they are spreading, even with developments and improvements in the antivirus software being released and updated every so often.

antivirus software marketLately we have been coming across malware that manages to avoid all set antivirus defense mechanisms on virtually all the different types of antivirus software to go ahead and accomplish attacks on their targets. This has been a cause of worry for a long time and with this latest developments enough to tip the technological community onto a big and valid debate on whether antivirus software can still be relied upon to accomplish the tasks it has for long been trusted to combat or if its time we moved on to approach other avenues of defense for our digital media with technologies such as white-listing, sand-boxing, behavioral analysis, privilege restriction and remote detonation being some of the many new approaches to fighting malware.

So its about time to think more about the relevance of antivirus software in this new technological age or just one among the many ways used by corporate companies to earn a quick dollar. with vendors like Microsoft providing valid point on why we still need to use antivirus, the decision on whether to keep using antivirus software or not falls right down to the retail consumer.