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Features and Benefits of Nike Flyknit Technology

Let’s listen to Ben Shaffer of Nike as he highlights the features and benefits of the Nike Flyknit technology:

Nike Flyknit is a very unique way that we have revolutionized how we make footwear. We have taken something as simple as knitting and re-engineered that into a performance product. It gives a really unique sense of fit, comfort and our athletes are giving us amazing feedback.

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Nike’s Lebron Technology is Based on Lebron’s Movements

What’s up guys! So, we are here with Kevin Dodson who is the senior product line manager for KDN Lebron, and he is gonna talk to us a little bit about the technology in the Lebron 12. There are lots of new stuff in this shoe. The most obvious thing to me is the shoe’s bottom. So, can you talk to us a little bit about the pods – what they mean, how they help him play, and all of that stuff?


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Nike’s Free Technology Allows the Foot to Be the Foot

The benefits of barefoot training really revolve around the intrinsic muscles in the foot being able to go through their full range of motion. When they do that, they get stronger.

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Heart Rate Monitoring- Fitbit Charge HR Review

Heart rate monitoring has been an important training tool for athletes. Some of the mainstream activity band-makers include Microsoft band and Basis Peak. Fitbit is now striving to offer heart rate monitoring for the average health-conscious consumer.

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PUMA Women’s Tazon 5 Cross-Training Shoe Review

For some women, running is a great workout. They are ready to run several miles per day, and they never feel bored. Running makes them motivated. To keep running and motivated, you need to have the appropriate shoe to accomplish this task. This guide gives an honest review of PUMA Women’s Tazon 5 Cross-Training Shoe.

PUMA Womens Tazon Shoe

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ASICS Women’s Gel Fit Tempo: Perfect for High Intensity Interval classes

ASICS Women's Gel Fit Tempo

When the training gear you choose shows respect, understanding and care towards you, you’re more likely to perform well in your sport activity. The ASICS Women’s Gel Fit Tempo Cross-Training Shoe is exactly like that. ASICS is an acronym – Anima Sana In Corpore Sano – a sound mind in a sound body. Their aim is to create top products and to become the number one brand for sport lovers.

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Cute Sandal Decisions for Summer

When I first saw the Esparto sandals from the 6th or 5th millennium BC found in Spain, the first idea which came to my mind was that they were not anything but just things to walk in. Today people still wear sandals but with a difference that it has become the most intimate object. In ancient times, sandals were made of esparto grass, which is a fiber produced from two species of perennial grasses. I am sure you will agree that they probably were quite uncomfortable.


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