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Here’s Why You are not Building Muscle

It seems that some people simply don’t have it – the ability to build muscle. And that is despite putting a respectable amount of time in the gym and doing a host of other things to promote muscle growth. But if it seems like none of this effort is getting you anywhere, here are some things you can do to turn things around.

1. Check Your Calorie Consumption

It happens that a majority of problems people claim to have with regard to muscle building problems can be solved by eating the right amount of calories. In fact, 90% of people are able to finally put on muscle after getting their calorie consumption right.

Basically, you need to consume more calories than what your basal metabolic rate requires. The best supplements that increase your muscle mass like Creatine, WHEY Protein, Glutamine and Branched-chain Amino Acids are available to you to buy them online with online coupon codes.

2. Your Workout Routine Needs Some Work

Every person needs a workout routine that works for them. Some people get stuck on the wrong workout regimen, and then end up not getting any noticeable muscle gain results. Basically, a workout routine should be suited to your body type (there are three types) as well as your fitness level.

If you start off with a program being used by a  professional who has spent years in the gym while you are a beginner,  you might not get the  results you were expecting as they will be draining and probably  hazardous.

3.  You are Not Changing Your Routine

Some people start to build muscle, and they think they have found the fitness solution that will help them attain their ambitious muscle building goals. The body builds muscle and lose weight because it is facing physical challenges that it is not equipped to deal with at the moment. With high intensity cardio exercises and weight training, you will get a strong and lean body.

You have to keep raising the bar with regard to your workouts. That means increasing the intensity of your workouts, or their intensity. You can also replace workouts that have become too simple to offer any noticeable physical challenge for those that do.

4. You Don’t Take Breaks

Training is not just about spending hours grunting in the gym, breaks are important as well. In fact, they are critical; and this has everything to do with how the body creates additional muscle. When you work out, the muscles get some tears as a result.

During recovery, they create extra muscle cells in order to withstand similar challenges without damage – and that is how more muscle is build, during the breaks. If you don’t take adequate breaks, then you will give your body no chance to recover (build muscle).

5 Doing Wrong Exercises

To build serious muscle, you have to rise above doing exercises you like and do exercises that actually help you build muscle.