Let’s listen to Ben Shaffer of Nike as he highlights the features and benefits of the Nike Flyknit technology:

Nike Flyknit is a very unique way that we have revolutionized how we make footwear. We have taken something as simple as knitting and re-engineered that into a performance product. It gives a really unique sense of fit, comfort and our athletes are giving us amazing feedback.

Just to give you a little inside information; within the innovation kitchen, every time we are working on a new product or any new project, our ultimate client is our athletes. So it is extremely important for us to be working with them one-to-one, figuring out what’s the best combination for them for their performance needs.

Being the most loved sneakers in the training world, Flyknit shoes sell in all major stores both online and offline, including Finish line stores where you can find the best deal for the women’s and men’s version.

Benefits of Nike Flyknit

With Nike Flyknit, there are four key benefits. They include:

  • Lightness
  • Form fitting
  • Sustainability
  • Performance

These four are ultimately the core of our Nike DNA.

For lightness, every runner would love to have a lighter product; it’s less weight that they’ll have to carry to the finish line. With the Flyknit racer, it’s 19 percent lighter than the previous marathon shoe.

Lightness, when paired with form fitting becomes an amazing experience. The more we can allow the upper to fit one-to-one with the foot, the better that lightweight experience can be amplified. So with Flyknit, we have engineered the fabric to have cables, very similar to our fly-wire, wrapping nicely around your foot. So that when our athlete laces into the shoe, it becomes an amazingly enhanced experience. We’ve received great compliments, about the shoe feeling so much like a glove.

On the sustainability’s side, with this new technology we’ve utilized just what we needed to make the upper. So instead of cutting and stumping shoes out and having excess material, we knit everything out and get the whole body from the machine.

With performance, we look very much at how our products interact with our athletes. How we use Flyknit for instance, to work much more closely with our athletes. Moving directly with how their foot moves. The more we are able to compliment their actions and their movements, the more that we allow them to perform much better. And our performance is how to give them the podium.

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