The question on the fate of antivirus software and its essence in the modern world has been a recurring one which has been recently reignited by Darren Bilby speaking at Kiwicon. One thing that remains despite everything is whether it is essential to keep working with antivirus software or do away with it all together.

Antivirus technology has been the backbone of computer security measures for as long, as can be remembered and has been quite an effective tool towards combating a large amount of network spread malware but as recent developments have proven, it is becoming all the more increasingly difficult to keep up with the ever changing dynamic of viruses on the internet and how fast they are spreading, even with developments and improvements in the antivirus software being released and updated every so often.

antivirus software marketLately we have been coming across malware that manages to avoid all set antivirus defense mechanisms on virtually all the different types of antivirus software to go ahead and accomplish attacks on their targets. This has been a cause of worry for a long time and with this latest developments enough to tip the technological community onto a big and valid debate on whether antivirus software can still be relied upon to accomplish the tasks it has for long been trusted to combat or if its time we moved on to approach other avenues of defense for our digital media with technologies such as white-listing, sand-boxing, behavioral analysis, privilege restriction and remote detonation being some of the many new approaches to fighting malware.

So its about time to think more about the relevance of antivirus software in this new technological age or just one among the many ways used by corporate companies to earn a quick dollar. with vendors like Microsoft providing valid point on why we still need to use antivirus, the decision on whether to keep using antivirus software or not falls right down to the retail consumer.