norton coupon codesIf you happen to own a PC then you should be aware of the risks involved in surfing the Internet. While considered impossible to escape all the threats that abound, according to there are steps you can take to minimize your vulnerability. This includes, but is not limited to, purchasing reliable software to protect your computers. While it would be wonderful to purchase one piece of software for every threat out there, the cost factor rules this out. What PC owners would prefer is if all the protection against all the bad guys were in one package at a reasonable cost. This is what Symantec has created for us, computer users, with their product, Norton Security – Deluxe and Premier versions.

What Norton Security Deluxe And Premier Do

Norton Security is the industry’s most comprehensive all-in-one protection against digital dangers. It guards, against a variety of online threats including hackers, identity thieves, viruses, spyware and other malware in real-time, so users can shop and bank online worry-free. It will keep your computer running at peak performance by removing unnecessary files and defragging the computer while providing easy-to-understand information about files and applications that may be impacting performance. We are told too that Symantec offers 24×7 email, online chat and phone tech support, and that the package comes with 25 GB of secured online storage for the automated backup and easy retrieval of important files and folders.

What Reviewers say

It would seem the manufacturers of Norton Security have accomplished what they set out to do and have satisfied their customers, if the responses are anything to go by. “Great product”, one Soul Eater “bot” of internet server USA tells us.” He goes on to say he recommends the software for those like himself who are not computer savvy. Tigger makes an important point about the product’s cost effectiveness by stating, “Having 3 laptops in the house it also save us buying 3 versions of the Internet protector for each laptop.”

Norton Security Discount Coupons

Users of Symantec products are thankful for the plethora of norton coupons and other discount deals that are available online.

Pros and Cons

Norton Security has its set of pros and cons. Reported to be easy to use and not taking long to install, it’s also said that the product does not hog resources. The value for money afforded users to install the software on three different PCs, plus the 25G of secured online storage space are also other pros.

The cons associated with the software include its manufacturers no longer just disabling updates for virus definitions, but the entire software at the end of the subscription period unless renewed or updated. Another of the cons is that users of the software are still having challenges with the customer support staff when they encounter various problems.

Problems and Complaints

There is a combined total of only nine reviews on the Amazon US and Amazon UK product review pages, and of that total only one is a major complaint. Interestingly enough that complaint is not about the software itself, but about the customer service that comes with it. As Mr. Roy E. Oetting puts it, “This review is not about how the product works. It is about the inability to communicate with the company.” Mr. Charles Eaves of Knoxville TN says he found annoying the fact that, “The password/identity functions keeps dropping it’s info when you turn off/reset the computer. This means you have to enter your information, again each time.” Although describing the product as excellent, Angel of Yupaica CA has issues with the backup as she explains, “the only bad thing I thought was when backing up your files that was hard and very slow so I had to cancel it and do it another day.”

PC users intending to make significant changes to their computers, as software of this nature usually does, should always remember that backing up their system and registry is the prudent thing to do. Purchasers are reminded too to always exercise caution when buying these types of software, as you run the risk of purchasing bogus, or already registered versions of the software.


The users of Norton Security Deluxe and Premier, it seems, are satisfied with the product and in the main have only good things to say about it. From the nine reviews on the Amazon US and UK product review pages all the reviewers except one, have rated the software three stars and above