RemaWelcome to my blog. I am Rema, a 24-year old shoe technology enthusiast. My boyfriend Jason and I have an emotional attachment to shoes and clothing. Jason is 31 and has a penchant for finding deals online. Other that being a fashion enthusiast, I’m a shopping addict. I can shop, shop, and shop for shoes, and clothing, yet my wardrobe never has enough of them, at least according to me.

We live in a world where information is abundant. The challenge is to find the information we need, which is often covered by information we don’t need. Knowledge is information that we can use. But in order to turn information into knowledge we first need to organize it.

My aspiration is to organize the shoe knowledge so that people can make an intelligent decision as to what type of footwear is right for them and where they can buy it from.

My goals is that this site will become a shoe knowledge base. A place where people can find information about shoes, and shoe technology. I am fascinated by the new technology in footwear. If somebody has a question about sports shoes or apparel, they can find the answer in this site.

My love for fashion and beauty has been an inborn thing in me ever since I was a young girl. It dates back to my early years of childhood, when mum and I went shopping. At a tender age of 10, my mum, also a fashion and beauty enthusiast took me along as she went shopping for clothes and shoes. It was only a matter of time before I followed suit.

At a young age, I vividly recall being very keen on flowers, and carefully gathering and combining them to come up with an exciting combination. To date, mum and dad say I was always very specific on the kind of clothes I wore. Quite often, I would arrange the house to have it appear nice.

Having a soft spot for flowers, I would walk into the neighborhood, pick different flowers, place them inside a pot and nicely place the pot on the table to form a flower vase. I gradually began doing events in church, birthday parties, and even at school. Amazingly, people always admired my work and congratulated me for a job well-done. Some even began asking for my business contacts, while some inquired about my office. Little did I know I had ventured into the fashion and design industry, without even an educational background in fashion and design.

Yet in all these I did it passionately without earning a single penny. It was voluntary. Then I finally realized I had an idea to venture into. From nowhere, clients began streaming in, requesting for various designs for shoes and clothes. I was overwhelmed by the demand and need for information, and thus created a blog, exclusively about fashion and design for clothes and shoes. With the many questions coming forth from my clients, I undoubtedly needed a blog to suffice.

In this blog, I’ll be talking about the importance of making the right choice when going for an outfit, when shopping for shoes, where to shop online for variety of shoes and clothing, the pros and cons when shopping for shoes and clothing, and of course my most favorite shoe style- Kate spade licorice glitter point toe pump. You don’t want to miss out on all these.

Rema S. Alvarado