It will be great to use the current Apple Pencil with the soon-to-be-released iPhone 7. But if Apple fails to redesign it and make it more compatible, this may never happen.

As many iPhone users await the launch of the iPhone 7 in the United States, one question on the minds of many is: will the iPhone 7 support the Apple Pencil? From NDTV’s Vikram Chandra’s interview of Tim Cook, which took place in May, we can deduce that the Apple Pencil is a fantastic tool for the creative mind.

Apple Pencil can actually be used to draw and create beautiful graphics on the iPad. Undoubtedly, this new Bluetooth enabled stylus-like pencil, which creates an instant impression when you press it lightly on the surface of the iPad, is now one of the most versatile digital drawing and writing tools available today.

The tool was released along with the 12.9 inch iPad Pro and it turned the tablet into a virtual digital canvas. Although Apple also announced the release of iPhone 6s and the iPhone 6s Plus on the same day, both smartphones do not support Apple Pencil.

Apple’s 3D Touch

Apple released its last two iPhone versions with another pressure sensitivity technology called the 3D Touch. This technology works by detecting the deformation of the screen, unlike the Apple Pencil which combines the use of high resolution sensors and Bluetooth. The Apple Pencil is more intuitive and it can work with both angle and pressure.

It is very likely that the 3D Touch technology incorporated into the iPhone and the operating mechanism of the Apple Pencil are not really compatible. The large iPad screen does not detect pressure as accurately as the iPhone.

The Apple Pencil

Presently, the Apple Pencil is much longer than the length of the iPhone. Unlike the stylus used for the Samsung Galaxy Note tablet, the Apple Pencil is simply too large to be used conveniently with the the iPhone. In fact, the Galaxy Note stylus is designed to fit into the phone when it is not in use.

When you compare the design of the Apple Pencil and the 12.9” iPad Pro, it is quite obvious that Apple created the present Apple Pencil to work with the iPad. Both of them are almost the same length. However, it is difficult to state with certainty whether the Apple Pencil will eventually be modified to work with the iPhone.